The Process

THE PROCESS: After I have received your initial enquiry, we first discuss your ideas and preferences of size and style. The next step is to have a look through your photographs (either mailed or e-mailed) and come to a decision about the final details of the portrait. I'll return the photos to you with the finished portrait. If you prefer not to send photographs, you can scan them at 200 dpi, save them in JPEG format at a medium setting, and email them to me. Once I begin painting, I will send you progress images in various stages as we go along, to ensure everything looks the way you want it.


VERIFICATION: When the portrait is completed, I will send a digital proof of the final painting to you via e-mail. Only if you are completely happy with this image do I ask for payment prior to shipment of the original to you.


SIZES: Portraits may be any dimension you prefer, I use a combination of acrylic /water color paints and colored pencils, charcoals & pastels. The finished painting is also sprayed with a fixative to ensure its safety and long life.



The quality, detail and realism of your pet's portrait will be greatly determined by the quality of the photos you provide.  Please see the next page for some handy hints.


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